My Vote

by Adam Sweeney

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I haven't written a political song since 2003. But now I have something to say, something to believe in. My voice counts. My vote counts. And so does yours.

I'm inspired by a man who intends to take on and reform the corrupt political establishment of this country. A man who means to put power and prosperity back into the hands of everyday Americans. A man who will put America back to work, rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of this great nation. The only candidate intent on preserving our democracy, as we teeter on the brink of handing over our freedoms to a ruling class of billionaires and corporate interests.

Bernie Sanders has my vote. And that's what this song is about.



Jesus with a whip
driving money changers out of the temple
driving out the hurtful, the worthful
the root of all evil
that's what we need in our country today
no more glass ceiling
no more keepers of the narrow gate

so that
that man has my vote

John Henry with his hammer
swinging out the best of intention
still getting outpaced in a race
with that evil steam engine
what doesn't kill us just makes us strong
but they've been leeching away at us
bleeding us to weakness for so long

so that
that man has my vote

we sold our freedoms to the few
now we're on the path they choose
but I, I'm reaching for the light
time to break away
no more waiting 'round
for the thief to come
in the dead of night

senate and the house
like a whore house full up with johns
sucking from the teat
all the corporate fortunate sons
who'd leave us in the poorhouse
a church mouse pities our bones
just hoping it'll trickle down
even now honey
how have we been so wrong?

it's time to melt down our golden calf
unshackle our chains
and let 'em fall slack
whoever tears down all these false kings
restoring the crown to the people
no more keepers of the American dream

that, that man has my vote


released March 21, 2016
Adam Sweeney: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, banjo, accordion, lap steel, vocals, percussion

Patrick Hughes: drums

Karyn Ann: backing vocals

Group vocals by: Karyn Ann, Karinne Dadigan, Jeff Evans, Matthew Mathis, Cera Taylor and Adam Sweeney

Written, recorded and mixed by Adam Sweeney
Mastered by Ed Brooks
Speech excerpts by Bernie Sanders




Adam Sweeney & the Jamboree Portland, Oregon

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